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Bake/Cooking Aids &Mixes

We are the professional choice of high quality baking ingredients.Our exceptional range of savoury and sweet edible bases and distinctive glazes is used by top culinary artist around London.

  • Louis Francois Pectine

    Pectin Louis Francois X58 - 1kg


     Pectin Louis Francois X58 - 1kg   A gelling agent that gives a thermoreversible gel in presence of calcium ions. Neutral water based toppings for: cakes, sponge cakes, biscuits. Ideal for low...

  • Apricot Glaze (Abricot Nappage)

    Apricot Glaze (Abricot Nappage) 7 kg


    Apricot Glaze is a thin, glossy coating. Apricot Nappage can be used for both hot and cold foods.

  • Atora Suet

    Atora Shredded Beef Suet Original 2 kg


    For fluffy dumplings, pastries, puddings and pies. Beef Fat (85%), Wheat Flour (with added Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin) Allergy advice: For allergens, including Cereals containing Gluten, see ingredients...

  • Baba Savarin

    Baba Savarin / Cassettes 120


    Also called rum baba or baba au rhum. Yeast cake saturated in hard liquor, sometimes filled with whipped cream or pastry cream. It is most typically made in individual servings.   Ready to garnish for dessert...

  • Trennspray 600ml

    Baking Release Oil Trennspray 600ml


    Releasing agent and surface oil for baking tins and trays. Ingredients: vegetable oil, setting agents: carnauba vax, elulsifier, sunflower lecithin. Instruction: Universal separating agent for food from the kitchen, food...

  • Bicarbonate of Soda

    Bicarbonate of Soda 3Kg


    Bicarbonate of soda suitable for home baking and also for household cleaning.

  • Callebaut Fine Hazelnut Praline

    Callebaut Fine Hazelnut Praline 1kg


    Callebaut Fine Hazelnut Praline is made from high quality medium roasted and caramelised hazelnuts. The Hazelnut puree is ideal for making truffles or for flavouring chocolate and comes in a resealable pack...

  • Chef William Baking Powder

    Chef William Baking Powder 800g


    Chef William Baking Powder 800g - Ready to use baking powder Ingredients:Wheat Flour,Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate E450(i),Sodium Bicarbonate E500(ii) Storage:Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Includes...

  • White Pearl Citric Acid

    Citric Acid 100g


    Citric acid can be added to ice cream as an emulsifying agent to keep fats from separating, to caramel to prevent sucrose crystallization, or in recipes in place of fresh lemon juice. Citric acid is the most popular single...

  • Cocoa Powder Extra Brute

    Cocoa Powder Extra Brute 100% 1kg


    Cocoa Powder Extra Brute 100% is extra dark alkalised (Dutch-processed) has an intense red colour, is full of flavour and is excellent for baking, preparing hot chocolate drinks, and confectionery. You can also use it...

  • Cortas Pomegranate Molasses

    Cortas Pomegranate Molasses 300ml


    Cortas - Pomegranate Molasses - A must-have ingredient for many Middle Eastern dishes. Also perfect for dipping with oil. Other uses include as a marinade or for basting lamb shanks prior to cooking. Product of Lebanon...

  • Cream of Tartar

    Cream of Tartar 800g


    In food, potassium bitartrate is used for: stabilising egg whites, increasing their heat tolerance and volume; stabilising whipped cream, maintaining its texture and volume; preventing sugar syrups from crystallising;...

  • Dried Yeast

    Doves Farm Dried Quick Yeast 125 g


    Doves Farm Quick Yeast 125 g For all bread baking and ideal for bread machines, just add this Quick Yeast straight from pack to the dry ingredients in your recipe. There is enough yeast in this pack for a variety of breads...

  • Dulce de Leche

    Dulce De Leche Caramel Sauce 980g


    Made from pure milk and sugar, it is delectable spooned into coffee, warmed and drizzled over bananas or used in baking.

  • Gelatine Leaves Bronze

    Gelatine Leaves Bronze 1 kg


    Gelatine is an odourless, tasteless thickening agent that forms a gel when combined with liquid and heated. Setting agent in desserts, ice cream, confectionery or bakery products.


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