Whole Chestnuts Merchant Gourmet 180g

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Product Overview

Cooked Whole Chestnuts are ideal for stuffings or pan frying with sprouts and lardons for a traditional accompaniment

They’re not just for Christmas and stuffings – make the most of them all year round. Cook up a delicious soup with mushrooms, celery, onion and stock, and finish with a dollop of cream.

More ideas:

  • Chop and sauté with Brussels sprouts and bacon, or add in to bubble & squeak
  • Use chopped in your stuffing
  • Chop and add to cakes, muffins or brownies for extra texture and flavour
  • Mix into crème fraiche, whipped cream and vanilla sugar for a sweet tart filling

Nutritional Information

Typical Values

Per 100g

Energy (Kj/Kcal)

742 kJ / 176 kcal


1.6 g

   of which saturates

0.3 g


33.3 g

   of which sugars

9.1 g


5.9 g


4.1 g


0.01 g