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Pepper Black Whole
Pepper Black Whole
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Pepper Black Whole
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Black peppers, white and green are one and the same fruit from a vine exotic: the pepper. The peppercorn changes color according to its different degrees of maturation and depending on how it is treated. The pepper is native to the forests of the Malabar coast in India. The creeper pepper begins to bear fruit after 7-8 years. Today pepper is cultivated in many tropical regions. Production is mainly Asian. The biggest producers are Vietnam, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. Black pepper is the fruit harvested before full maturity and dried under the hot sun. The casing of the fruit shrivels and turns black when dry. It is the bark that gives black pepper its spicy so special. In the West, it is pepper kitchen, the man who ground the moment, is almost all dishes. It is considered the most aromatic of "piper nigrum". Black pepper has the particularity to agree with all the other peppers as well as almost all spices. Our secret: do not pepper your dishes at the last moment, the pepper can not stand the heat longer. 


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