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Pickles & Relishes

  • Peeled Black Garlic

    Balsajo Peeled Black Garlic 1kg


    Balsajo Black Garlic is made by ageing regular white garlic, nothing is added.   Cooking Instructions: Slice on scrambled egg or on your salad. Use in Stews or Bolognese to boost the richness of your flavours...

  • Baxters Beetroot Sliced

    Baxters Beetroot Sliced 6 x 340g


    Sliced beetroot in vinegar with sugar and sweetener. 'Every one of our freshly harvested beets is hand selected for quality. Gently steamed in small batches we then pickle them using our special Baxters recipe to deliver you...

  • Bicks Mexican Hot Salsa Sauce- 2.3kg

    Bicks Mexican Hot Salsa Sauce- 2.3kg


    Capture the BIG Taste! Mexican Hot Chilli Salsa is a rich and tangy blend of tomatoes, onions and hot chilli. Uses in the Kitchen Ideal as a dip for tortilla chips and raw vegetables. Use it as an ingredient in tomato...

  • Small Chunk Sandwich Pickle

    Branston Small Chunk Sandwich Pickle 2.55kg


    Packed with your favourite crunchy, chunky Branston vegetables. Naturally low in fat. Sweet pickle with small chunks, so easy to Spread! With my smaller chunks the ideal size for making the perfect sandwich. Still containing...

  • Capers In Brine

    Capers Capotes In Brine 2.38kg


    Capers are the unripened flower buds of Capparis spinosa, a prickly, perennial plant which is native to the Mediterranean and some parts of Asia. Capers have long been a favorite in the Mediterranean region. The...

  • Cherry Bell Mild Sweet Chilli Peppers 3kg

    Cherry Bell Mild Sweet Chilli Peppers 3kg


    Sweet chilli cherry peppers are a great way to add a sweet taste to savoury meals. Serve as an antipasti or include them in your favourite recipe.

  • Cocktail Pickled Gherkins

    Cocktail Pickled Gherkins 2.5kg


    Cocktail Pickled Gherkins are ideal for garnishing meats, salads and fish, or as an ingredient in party canapes. Ingredients: Gherkins, Salt, Flavourings.

  •  Crespo Caperberries In Brine

    Crespo Caperberries In Brine 300g


    Capers are normally packed in glass jars and immersed in wine vinegar, brine or dry in salt.   Ingredients Caperberries, water, vinegar, salt.   Nutrition Information  100g Energy...

  • Ginger Nuts in Heavy Syrup

    Ginger Nuts In Heavy Syrup 500g


    Ingredients: Ginger, Sugar, Water. Storage:  Refrigerate after opening. Product Of China

  • Greenfield Preserved Lemons

    Greenfield Preserved Lemons 750g


    A North African speciality famously used in Moroccan cuisine. Our hand picked lemons are carefully selected and preserved using traditional methods practiced for several generations. It's tangy taste can be used to enhance...

  • Harissa With Rose Petals

    Harissa with Rose Petals 1kg


    Harissa is a key ingredient in North African cooking. Made from chilli peppers and a secret mix of over 40 herbs and spices with the unique addition of rose petals to slightly soften the chilli kick! Exceptionally fragrant,...

  • Kuhne Cornichons

    Kühne Cornichons 2.45kg


    Kühne is one of the oldest German brands and has a reputation to match its maturity. Small cornichons in a spicy infusion with dill and onions.

  • Khune Pickled Gherkins

    Kühne Pickled Gherkins 2.45kg


    Kühne gherkins are hand-picked and fresh-packed, crunchy and they are in a savoury infusion with fine herbs and delicate spices. Only the best get into the jar. A good dash of self-made vinegar, selected herbs...

  • Kühne Pickling Onions

    Kühne Silverskin Onions 2.4kg


    Pickled onions are a national treasure - everyone loves them. They are eaten with fish and chips, on a Ploughman's Lunch, pies, and many other savory dishes. Pickling is the name given to the technique of...

  • Liliput Cape

    Lilliput Capers 720g


    3/5mm in size - the smallest of the small capers with a powerful flavour, despite their size. Excellent in salads and can be used as a garnish, but also excellent with meat and fish. Ingredients: Capers, Water, Vinegar,...

  • Mixed Pickles In Wine Vinegar

    Mixed Pickles In Wine Vinegar Giardiniera 3kg


    Ingredients: Vegetables in varying proportions (Carrots, Turnips, Cucumbers, Peppers, Cauliflower, Celery, Fennel, Onions), Waters, Wine, Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid, Ascorbic...


    Onion Marmalade Chutney 1kg


    Delicious Onion marmalade chutney, made with the finest ingredients. Great with meat, cheeses and most veggie dishes. 

  • Pataks Mild Lime Pickle 2.3kg

    Patak's Mild Lime Pickle 2.3kg


    The Lime Pickle is a traditional Indian restaurant favourite, and the juicy combination of limes with authentic spices means it is truly worthy. Mild Lime Pickle ingredients: lime 76%, Vegetable oil,...

  • Pickled Dill Gherkins

    Pickled Dill Gherkins 10l


    Eggerstorfer gherkins are hand-picked and fresh-packed. Crunchy and infused with fine herbs and delicate spices. A good dash of self-made vinegar, selected herbs and spices, as well as gherkins from contracted farming gives...

  • Pickled Peppers

    Pickled Peppers 4.8kg


    Yaren select the finest ingredients for your antipasti, tapas, kebabs, curries, salads and meat or fish dishes.   Ingredients:  Pepper, Water, Vinegar, Salt, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid No artificial...


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