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Nile Hibiscus Flower Tea 250g

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Nile Hibiscus Flower Tea 250g
Nile Hibiscus Flower Tea 250g
Nile Hibiscus Flower Tea 250g
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Nile Hibiscus Flower Tea 250g
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The hibiscus flower not only impresses with its colour and appearance. This plant is also rich in many valuable ingredients for health. This plant contains fibre, anthocyanins, polyphenols, flavonoids, carotenes, and unsaturated fatty acids. Hibiscus tea has a positive effect on digestion and helps cleanse the body. These properties make it worth drinking while on a slimming diet. Our Nile Dried Hibiscus Flowers are grown free from chemical fertilisers and pesticides, are top grade and naturally air and sun dried. When infused, the liquor is a wonderful deep burgundy red colour and depending how much you use in your blend, can offer every hint of red from a delicate pink through to scarlet red.

Ingredients: 100% dried hibiscus flower.

Size: 250g per Package.

Hibiscus tea can be consumed hot and cold as a refreshing drink, ideal during the summer heat.

Dried hibiscus can be used as an ingredient in:

  • Infusions and Teas
  • Wines
  • Syrups
  • Jams

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