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Knorr Fish Bouillon Paste 1kg

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Knorr Fish bouillon Paste
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No MSG added. Gluten free. No added artificial colours or preservatives. No artificial flavourings. Suitable for vegetarians. Meets FSA Salt Reduction Targets**. **Meets UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) 2010 Salt Targets for soups (FSA, 2009). Rich & Roast. For the tastiest gravies, try our Roast Beef, Roast Chicken or Rich Vegetable Bouillon. Clear. When preparing a consommé or white sauce, try our Clear Chicken or Clear Vegetable Bouillon. Standard. To create full flavour bases as well as deliver against Government Salt Targets, try our Beef, Chicken, Vegetable, Ham, Lamb, Cheese, Mushroom and Mediterranean Vegetable Bouillon. All deliver perfect results every time for your: Soup. Sauces. Pies, Casseroles. Gravies. Fish Flavoured Paste Bouillon. NEW REUSABLE PACK. REMOVABLE SLEEVE. DISHWASHER SAFE. MICROWAVABLE. FREEZABLE. Modified Potato Starch,Vegetable Oil,Salt,Fish (9%),Yeast Extract,Sugar,Onion,Pepper,Celery Seed

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