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Flour & Polenta

Tiara Bread Flour,Wholemeal Flour,Organic Bread Flour

The finest flour is an essential ingredient of the baking process.Here at Regency Foods you can buy flour online for delivery to your door.

Whether you are after bread flour, wholemeal flour, mil flour, rye flour, potato flour, maize flour, teff flour, "00" flour, soya flour; whether you want it organic or stoneground, this is the best wholesale flour supplier in London.

  • Coconut Flour White Pearl

    Coconut flour white pearl 1Kg


    Coconut flour is made from ground and dried coconut meat. Once the outer green husk of a coconut is removed, what remains inside is the rich, inner white lining which is the coconut meat.

  • Cornflour



    Cornflour 3kg Corn flour is made from yellow, white or even blue corn. It is used to make breads. It is also utilized in the preparation of other types of baked goods where it is oftentimes blended with other types of...

  • Pasta Flour "00"

    Farina ''00'' Flour


    Farina ''00'' Flour 1kg Pasta Flour 00 grade flour is a high quality flour which has a higher gluten content than standard plain flour, making the mixture stronger without being heavier, so it is ideal for pasta, bread and...

  • Map Gram Flour 2kg

    Map Gram Flour 2kg


    Gram flour is a pulse flour made from ground chickpeas or chana dahl. Used in many countries, it is a staple ingredient in Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisines. Gram flour can be made from either raw chickpeas or...

  • Mexican White Corn Maseca Flour

    Mexican White Corn Maseca Flour 1Kg


    This is most traditional white tortilla flour. This product is designed for short shelf life applications. It contains no preservatives or gums. But the finely ground 100% white corn has a great traditional flavour and...

  • Polenta

    Polenta Medium 1kg


    Polenta is coarsely or finely ground yellow or white cornmeal boiled with water or stock into a porridge and eaten directly or baked, fried or grilled. The term may refer either to the ingredient or a dish made with it...

  • Potato Starch

    Potato Starch 2.5Kg


    Potato starch is a very fine white powder starch, similar in texture to cornstarch. If you’re not very careful when working with and measuring potato starch, you can create quite a cloud in the kitchen! Potato Starch...

  • Semolina Fine

    Semolina Fine 1.5kg


    Semolina Fine 1.5kg Delicious and ideal for hot or cold puddings and desserts. Suitable for vegetarians.

  • Wheatgerm

    Wheatgerm 1kg


    Milled from the most nutritious part of the wheat kernel - By including wheat germ in your daily diet, you can enjoy the benefits of a cereal that is a natural source of vitamin E (helps maintain healthy skin and is an...

  • Cornmeal Fine

    White Pearl Cornmeal Fine


    Cornmeal Fine 1.5kg Also known as Maize Flour and Polenta, Corn Meal, high in protein and low in fat, is widely used in Mexican and Creole cuisine. Perfect for Italian polenta, American corn bread and Punjabi corn rotis,...

  • Rice Flour

    White Pearl Rice Flour 1.5kg


    Naturally gluten free & wheat free, plain in flavour, creamy in colour and easy to digest; rice flour can be used to make great puddings and biscuits. It can also be used to thicken sauces in sweet and savoury dishes...

  • Wright's Gold Star  Plain Flour

    Wright's Gold Star Plain Flour 16kg


    Wright's Gold Star Plain Flour is a high quality, confectioners plain flour suitable for short paste, some traditional cakes, shortbreads and puddings.  ALLERGY ADVICE: Contains wheat gluten INGREDIENTS: Wheat...

  • Wright's Strong Wholemeal Flour

    Wright's Strong Wholemeal Flour 16kg


        Strong Whole Meal Flour Wrights is A strong all purpose wholemeal bread flour. Suitable for bread and rolls. ALLERGY ADVICE: Contains Wheat Gluten INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour.

  • Wrights Encore Flour 16kg

    Wright's Type 55 Encore Flour 16kg


    Wright's Encore Flour is a french baguette flour authentically milled using selected French wheats. Ideal for petit pains, baguette and pains parisiens.

  • Wrights Harvest Malt Flour 4kg

    Wrights Harvest Malt Flour


    Wrights Harvest Malt Flour 4kg   Harvest Malt Wrights is a malted meal with stronger flavour. Produces bread with a high level of friable malted wheat flakes.


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