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Boiron Frozen Pear Puree 1kg

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Boiron Pear Puree
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Frozen Pear Puree 1 kg by Les Vergers Boiron, France is wonderful pear puree with a sweet flavor, filled with fiber, and rich in vitamin C. The rapid heating and cooling pasteurizing process is giving the fresh taste and keep the color of the fruit.

Advantages: Guaranteed performance for your different uses, thanks to the controlled and constant year-round quality.

Flavor and color typical of fresh fruit and available throughout the seasons.

A ready-to-use puree: no more cleaning, stoning or pitting, hulling or crushing of fruit.

Storage conditions: Store puree at a temperature of -0.4 F.

After defrosting, the product performs as a fresh product. Keep it at 35.6 F/39.2 F and use it rapidly.

Do not refreeze. 

Ingredients: Pear 87%, Inverted Sugar Syrup 13%.

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