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Milk & Cream Products

  • Aerosol Cream

    Aerosol Cream Real Dairy 500g


    Great quality cream, made from Real Dairy Cream, unlike most squirty creams. Bring more flavour and freshness to your favourites desserts. 

  • Alpro Almond Milk

    Alpro Almond Milk Unsweetened 1Ltr


    Alpro Almond Original Milk you should choose for your good health. Its full of proteins which are necessary for a balanced diet. Almond drink with added calcium and vitamins. A varied and a healthy lifestyle...

  •  Alpro Soya for Professionals

    Alpro Soya for Professionals 1ltr


    Specially formulated for use in coffee. 100% plant-based. Source of high-quality soya protein. Easy to digest as naturally lactose free. Naturally low in saturated fat. Free from dairy, gluten and wheat. Suitable for...

  • Balance Uht Skimmed Milk

    Balance Uht Skimmed Milk 12 x 500ml


    Balance Uht Skimmed Milk is a fat-free milk that can be used in your tea or coffee, the smoothness and white colour will give a tasty touch. Storage: The Uht Skimmed Milk can be kept in cupboards and once...

  • Buttermilk 5ltr

    Buttermilk 5ltr


    Buttermilk 5ltr. Buttermilk is traditionally a by-product of butter-making – the liquid that is left over after butter is churned from cream. It is now made commercially by adding a bacterial culture to skimmed milk...

  • Sweetened Condensed Milk

    Carnation Sweetened Condensed Milk 12 x 397g


    Each tin contains 397g of Carnation Sweetened Condensed Milk. Made from all natural ingredients. Suitable for vegetarians. Sweet and deliciously creamy tasting, Carnation Condensed Milk is a great shortcut to making your...

  • Clotted Cream

    Clotted Cream 907g


    Cornish clotted cream made by gently baking rich local cream until it’s thick, unctuous and thoroughly dollopable.

  • Creme Fraiche

    Creme Fraiche 2kg


    A mild, thick textured crème fraîche with a fresh distinctive flavour. Suitable for vegetarians Ingredients:Cream (56%), Milk (43%), Preservatiive (E202), Lactic Cultures Storage instructions: Keep...

  • Meadowland Double Cream

    Meadowland Double Cream 1ltr


    Blend of buttermilk and vegetable oil Double use like double cream Hot cooking & acid stable Optimal for binding & thickening Stable in patisserie Volume when whipped 2.5L Bain marie...

  • Nestlé  Evaporated Milk

    Nestle Carnation Topping Evaporated Milk 12 x 410g


    A great versatile topping. Full cream evaporated milk Good to remember Great served with fruit to help towards your 5 a day, or with your favourite puddings. Made using fresh milk, making it a source of calcium. It is a good...

  • Pasteurised Double Cream

    Pasteurised Double Cream 2l


    Fresh Double Cream. Suitable for whipping.   Nutrition  per 100ml of this cream provide: Energy 1919kJ/466kcal Fat 50.5g (of which saturates 31.4g) Carbohydrate 1.6g (of which...

  • Semi Skimmed Milk

    Pasteurised Semi-Skimmed Milk 1ltr


    Pasteurised Semi-Skimmed Milk contains about 30% - 50% less Vitamin A than whole milk.

  • Milk semi skimmed

    Pasteurised Semi-Skimmed Milk 2ltr


    Pasteurised Semi-Skimmed Milk contains about 30% - 50% less Vitamin A than whole milk.

  • Fresh Whipping Cream

    Pasteurised Whipping Cream 2ltr


    Pasteurised Whipping Cream. Suitable for whipping.  Nutrition  per 100ml of this cream provide: Energy 1522kJ/369kcal Fat 38.9g (of which saturates 24.4g) Carbohydrate 3.0g (of which...

  • Pasteurised Milk Whole

    Pasteurised Whole Milk 2ltr


    Pasteurised Whole Milk, fresh filtered milk. Enjoy as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Storage: Store in cool place

  • Milk Pergal Semi Skimmed

    Semi Skimmed Milk Pergal 13.63ltr


    Fresh Semi Skimmed Milk. It Comes in 13.63 litre large plastic bag in cardboard carton with nozzle for refrigerated milk display pergal. Ideal for catering uses where large quantities of milk are used...

  • Sour Cream

    Sour Cream 2ltr


    Sour cream is a dairy product obtained by fermenting a regular cream by certain kinds of lactic acid bacteria.The bacterial culture, which is introduced either deliberately or naturally, sours and thickens the cream. Its...

  • St Ivel UHT Single Cream

    St Ivel UHT Single Cream 1ltr


    Adds a creamy richness to any soup or sauce. Perfect for pouring over desserts Storage: Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. For best results store refrigerated...

  • UHT Semi Skimmed Milk

    UHT Semi Skimmed Milk 12 x 500ml


    Handy sized carton of UHT semi skimmed milk. Ideal for the office, the perfect solution for the higher volume user. UHT treated milk doesn’t need to refrigerated until it’s been opened. Less 2%...

  • UHT Whole Milk Portions

    UHT Whole Milk Portions 120 x 12ml


    Whole UHT milk in handy portion pots. Ambient storage. Suitable for vegetarians.   Ingredients Milk Nutrition  per 100mlsingle portion pot Energy 280kJ/67kcal 34kJ/8kcal Fat 3.9g 0...


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