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Fruit Purees Ambient

Buy Fresh Fruit Cocktail Purées ready made perfect for creating heavenly cocktails!

Our range of pre prepared cocktail purées is 100% natural made from fresh fruits and squished down into purees that are ideal for a cocktail party! Be inspired by our arsenal of purees and create the most appetizing cocktails

  • Funkin Puree Kiwi

    Funkin Kiwi Puree 1Kg


    Funkin select the Hayward Kiwi from France and China to bring you the ultimate 100% natural fruit purée. The green kiwi purée contains seeds to add a fantastic colour and texture, and a balanced sweetness with...

  •  Funkin Morello Cherry Pouch

    Funkin Morello Cherry Pouch 1kg


    Funkin Morello Cherry Pouch by 1 kg is a lovely puree made from sweet and sharp morello cherries of Serbia. This Morello Cherry Puree is 100% natural, with no preservatives, additives, flavourings or colourings. This...

  • Funkin Pure Pour Lemon Juice

    Funkin Pure Pour Lemon Juice 1kg


    Sicily is famous for its lemons, and certainly delivers some of the best around. Funkin squeeze the juice from the finest Sicilian lemons, the Primo Fiori and Vernas lemons combine to give the best fresh citrus taste. The...

  • Funkin Puree Mixed Berry Pouch

    Funkin Puree Mixed Berry Pouch 1kg


    Funkin decided to use its expert taste buds to develop a blend of their finest berries to give a great berry puree that has the sweetness of the strawberries and raspberries to compliment the sharpness of the cheery with the...

  • Funkin Puree Lychee Pouch

    Funkin Puree Lychee Pouch 1kg


    Funkin go all the way to China to source the best Lychees in the world. The lychees are the Hey Ye variety, which give the best aromatic flavour, the perfect partner for fine spirits to make the perfect oriential cocktails...

  • Funkin Puree Mango Pouch

    Funkin Puree Mango Pouch 1kg


    Funkin Mango is a blend of the best tasting mangos to deliver the best balance of sweetness and acidity to ensure the flavours flourish in martinis and cocktails. Their Mango is sourced from India and Peru, and they harvest...

  • Funkin Puree Passion Fruit Pouch

    Funkin Puree Passion Fruit Pouch 1kg


    Funkin passion comes mainly from Ecuador, and is specially selected for its vibrant flavour and balanced acidity, delivering a marvellously fresh full flavour which blends perfectly with almost any...

  • Funkin Puree Pour Lime Juice Pouch

    Funkin Puree Pour Lime Juice Pouch 1kg


    Believe it or not, they actually do source some of their lime from Mexico, so if your Margaritas are even more authentic. Funkin combine Mexican limes with the Thaitian Spanish variety for the unforgettable sharp, fresh...

  • Funkin Puree Raspberry Pouch

    Funkin Puree Raspberry Pouch 1kg


    Funkin Raspberry is one of their signature flavours. They go to both hemispheres to ensure a consistent rounded raspberry puree is delivered throughout the year, and over the years, they have developed their own unique (and...

  • Funkin Puree Strawberry Pouch

    Funkin Puree Strawberry Pouch 1kg


    Harvested in Poland and Spain, Funkin strawberries have been the subject of much work at Funkin. They have tried different too many varieties to count, and their chosen blend is a mixture of early season Honeoye, and then...

  • Funkin Puree White Peach Pouch

    Funkin Puree White Peach Pouch 1kg


    Funkin White Peach was one of the fruits that first inspired them. They wanted the best white peach to deliver the best bellinis, and set about speaking with growers to select the best growers and the pick of the crop to...

  • Funkin William Pear Puree

    Funkin William Pear Puree 1kg


    Funkin use William pear to capture the soft delicate flavour of the juiciest and ripest pears. They treat the fruit delicately, only then can Funkin be sure that their pear is perfection.


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