De Luxe Sawanotsuru Sake 2ltr

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Product Overview

The name ‘SAWANOTSURU’ literally means ‘crane of the swamp’. The origin of the name comes from Japanese mythology. Sawanotsuru is one of Japan’s largest producers of sake.The company was founded in 1717 in Nada-ku, Kobe, a region famous for sake production. According to Sawanotsuru Co., its sake is exported to approximately 30 countries.The Sake brewing process is an important part of the Japanese culture, hence the reason for the pride instilled in the country’s national beverage 

Deluxe Sawanotsuru Sakes is our most popular selling sake range and is Sawanotsuru's perfect all round sake. A quality Honjozo-shu sake with a dry, light and fragrant flavour. It uses a combination of Yamada Nishiki & Gohyaku Mangoku sake rice. The Deluxe sake range is a particularly enjoyable sake and has a wide range of serving temperatures. It can be either drank chilled as an aperitif, at room temperature (15°C) with the main course, or even served hot (45°C-50°C) with a finishing desert.

Changing the temperature of the Sake will interestingly change its taste and flavour; when chilled it is light & refreshing, when warmed, rich & smooth and when served hot, earthly and intense. It is perfect with any types of foods, e.g. sushi, tempura, teriyaki or even yakitori.

Alcohol 14.5% by volume

Net Cont. 2.0l


(No reviews yet) Write a Review