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Custard & Jelly

  • Ambrosia Devon Custard

    Ambrosia Devon Custard 750g


    Specially prepared for chefs. This professional product is a thick consistent custard, and allows good portion control hot or cold. It is the perfect sauce for fruit pies, crumbles, cakes, sponges and fruit...

  • Custard Powder

    Bird's Custard Powder 3kg


    The Bird’s brand is best known for its original homemade custard powder, invented by Alfred Bird in 1837 and still loved by generations today. Mix the powder with boiling water to produce a creamy, delicious custard...

  • Creme Anglaise

    Creme Anglaise 1L


    Macphie 1ltr Creme Anglaise Sweet Sauce.A classic sweet sauce with a hint of vanilla, that will add a touch of sophistication to the simplest of desserts. Pour hot or cold over all your classic desserts. Ready to use...


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