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Coco Vite Liquid Egg White 1ltr

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Coco Vite Liquid Egg White
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This liquid egg product made with egg whites and a thickening agent (E412). Indoor (barn) eggs are collected from the various poultry farms and transported to our production facility in premium sanitary conditions. They are then stored, broken, pasteurised and packed. Egg whites are prepared by breaking and separating the yolks and whites of fresh hen's eggs, after which they are pasteurised, packed in the desired packaging and refrigerated (0° to 4°). In addition to guaranteeing food safety (no salmonella), the pasteurisation process mainly assures a longer and better shelf life. This product is perfect for all preparations that rely on natural, fresh egg whites.



  • Egg whites from hen's eggs
  • Thickening agent (E412, E415)


  • Easy to use and whisk 
  • In cold and hot dishes 
  • Gives your preparations a perfect texture and/or colour 
  • 1 kg : ± 40 egg whites



Nutritional Information:

Typical Values

Per 100 ml

Energy Kcal

214 kJ /51 kcal


0.20 g

   of which saturates

0 g


0.81 g

   of which sugars

0.69 g


10.71 g


0.84 g




  • The shelf life after production depends on the packaging format.
  • Refrigerate between 0° and 4°C.

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