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Cleaning Products

  • Anti Bacterial Hand Soap 5ltr

    Anti Bacterial Hand Soap 5L


     Anti Bacterial Hand Soap 5ltr   Fusion AntiBacterial liquid soap provides maximum skin protection against bacteria, whilst cleaning the skin thoroughly.  For use in the kitchens, nursing...

  • Astonish Window Cleaner 12 x750ml

    Astonish Window Cleaner 12 x 750ml


    Priced Marked Bottle £1.00 A hard working cleaner with the sparkling power of vinegar. 6x750ml Directions for Use: Spray onto the surface. Wipe immediately with a dry paper towel or lint-free cloth. Note: Do not use...

  • Avoca Caring Anti Bacterial Hand Wash

    Avoca Caring Anti Bacterial Hand Wash 6 x 500ml


    Original Avoca Caring Anti Bacterial Hand Wash combats odours and eliminates bacteria. This hand wash gel is designed to hygienically remove germs. It is indicated to wash your hands as often as possible in order to prevent...

  • Big D Oven Cleaner Spray 6 x 300ml


    This product is a heavy duty alkaline liquid cleaner for the removal of heavy carbonised and grease deposits from oven, griles,fryers ranges etc.

  • Brasso Metal Polish

    Brasso Metal Polish 1ltr


    Alcohol free and non toxic. Use with Dry Clean cloths Removes finger prints, grease, dust and grime for a smear free finish Ideal for larger TV screens, laptops and notebooks Dimensions: 14 x 5.2 x 5.2mm Weight: 228g

  • Capricorn Extra Strong Bleach 5ltr

    Capricorn Extra Strong Bleach 5ltr


    Perfect for use in toilets, sinks, drains, floors, lavatories and all general disinfecting and cleaning.  Keeps fresh and sweet smelling. Can be effectively utilised to keep surfaces and floors hygienically clean...

  • Capricorn Pine Desinfectant 5ltr

    Capricorn Pine Disinfectant 5ltr


    Use undiluted for urinals,lavatories, sinks and drains.For general use dilute 1 part in 20parts of water. Safety Data...

  • Carex Original Hand Wash

    Carex Original Hand Wash 6 x 250ml


    Carex Original Hand Wash  6x250ml   Works in seconds. Kills 99.9% of bacteria. With added moisturisers. Supports the skin's natural antibacterial defences. Dermatologically tested for skin kindness. The true...

  • Washing Up Liquid 5ltr

    Catering Washing Up Liquid 5Ltr
    £2.38 £2.10


    General purpose detergent for washing up and many general cleaning duties.Contains 0-5% anionic surfactants and0-5% non-ionic surfactants. DIRECTIONS FOR USEIdeal for general cleaning dilute 1 part in 200...

  • Caustic Soda 5kg

    Caustic Soda 5kg


    Caustic Soda 5kg   Professional Grade for Unblocking Drains, Clearing Sinks, Breaking Down and Dissolving Fat.

  • Cif Cream 2 Ltr

    Cif Professional Cream XXL x 2Ltr


    Cif Professional Cream Cleaner is ideal for tackling baked on food, limescale and stubborn dirt from a variety of surfaces. It tackles the toughest jobs in the kitchen, bathroom and all around the home including garden...

  • Domestos 5ltr

    Domestos 5ltr


    Strong chlorine bleach, thickened to provide extra surface contact time. Kills all known germs. Can be used to disinfect and for cold bleaching.

  • Duck 5in1 Pine 750ml

    Duck Active Toilet Cleaner 8 x 750ml


    Duck 5in1 Pine 750ml   Kills 99.99% of germs and removes limescale from above and below the waterline. Unique bottle neck design easily reaches right underneath the toilet rim. Freshens your bathroom with a...

  • Elco Washing Soda 10kg

    Elco Washing Soda 10kg


    Dri-Pak also makes Soda Crystals packaged for industrial, agricultural and commercial uses under the ELCO brand name. Soda Crystals are an excellent raw material to add to products. They provide alkalinity for use in...

  • Fairy Professional Washing Up Liquid 5ltr

    Fairy Professional Washing Up Liquid 5ltr


    Antibacterial washing up liquid, the cleaning power of Fairy with added antibacterial action. In the pub, hotel and catering business time is precious, Fairy professional has been created with the cleaning power needed to...

  • Flash All Purpose Cotton

    Flash All Purpose Cotton Fresh 5ltr


    Flash All Purpose Cleaner Cotton Fresh is an all purpose cleaner which is ideal for all surfaces, whether they're in your kitchen or bathroom, and can be used on most interior surfaces. Flash All Purpose Cleaner is an...

  • Flash Spray With Bleach

    Flash Spray With Bleach 6 x 500ml



  •  Food Safe Sanitiser 5ltr

    Food Safe Sanitiser 5ltr


    The safest, most versatile,economical and effective product for the removal of grease and dirt from hard surfaces.  Tested to EN1276 Effective against MRS,Listeria and E.coli Safety Data...

  •  Anti Bacterial Surface Cleaner 6x750ml

    Food Safe Spray & Wipe Sanitiser 6 x 750ml


    Food Safe Spray & Wipe Sanitizer is highly effective cleaner with powerful bactericidal. Cleans and santises all hard surfaces, including stainless surfaces, microwaves, fridges, freezers and canopies, leaving a...

  • Fusion Blue Channel Blocks 3.25kg

    Fusion Blue Channel Blocks 3.25kg


    Preparation and Usage HOW TO USE: Place a few Toilet Blocks in each stall or in the urinal channel to counter unpleasant odours in the washroom. Fusion Toilet Blocks can also be placed on ledges or shelves wherever malodours...


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