Butter & Margarine

Buy Butter and Margarine in Bulk, an essential ingredient of every Restaurant kitchen. Supply your catering outlet with our high-quality butters and margarines. Wholesale gluten-free butter and unsalted butter options available. 

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  • Lakeland Salted Butter

    Lakeland Salted Butter 40 x 250g

    Lakeland Salted Butter perfect for baking, sauces or spreading generously on freshly baked bread. Our dairy cows graze on the lush, green pastures of Ireland, producing high quality milk which is gently churned to create this rich, creamy butter...
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  • White Pearl Pure Butter Ghee 2kg

    White Pearl Pure Butter Ghee 2kg

    White Pearl
    This Butter Ghee was made from the finest quality butter. Perfect for cooking and a wide range of food preparations. Ingredients: Anhydrous Milk Fat separated from 100% fresh Sweet Cream. Milk Fat (100%), Butterfat 99.8% minimum,...
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  • Vitalite Dairy Free Spread 500g

    Vitalite Dairy Free Spread 500g

    With no compromise on taste, Vitalite Dairy Free Spread is a great alternative to butter and dairy spreads. With 75% less saturated fat than butter, Vitalite delivers a great tasting dairy free spread that is great for spreading, cooking and baking...
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  • Cooks & Co Duck Fat 850g

    Cooks & Co Duck Fat 850g

    Cooks & Co
    Cooks&Co Pure Duck Fat is perfect for frying and roasting vegetables and meats, helps make a succulent Duck Confit, and can be used in baking. As it has a high smoke point, you can really crank up the heat in the oven to make crispy roasts. Simply...
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  • Lescure Un-Salted Butter Roll

    Lescure Butter 20 x 250g

    Lescure butters have a well-earned reputation that extends well beyond their home region. They belong to the Charentes-Poitou family of butters, for which the AOC label (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) has been superseded by European...
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  • Kerrymaid Lard

    Kerrymaid Lard 40 x 250g

    Kerrymaid Lard is great for homemade chips or short crust pastries. Made from animal fat, this traditional ingredient is suitable in many different dishes. It’s also a great fat to use in shallow frying and has a long shelf life when kept...
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