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Black Beluga Lentils 2.5 Kg

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Black Beluga Lentils 2.5 Kg
Black Beluga Lentils 2.5 Kg
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Black Beluga Lentils 2.5 Kg
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Black Beluga Lentils in 2.5kg packaging. Beluga Lentils are high-protein, full of fibre, and vegan-friendly superfood. They are the healthiest of all lentils, low in calories and have virtually no saturated fats. If that weren't enough, black lentils are rich in polyphenols, nutrients thought to protect against heart disease.
Black Beluga Lentils have a richer, more intensely earthy flavour than other lentil varieties, and they taste excellent served with other proteins and meaty vegetables.

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