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Liqueurs & Syrups


Please Note: Due to licencing law we only supply alcohol to on-trade.


  • Archers Peach Schnapps

    Archers® Peach Schnapps 70cl


    Archers® Peach Schnapps 70cl. 23% vol. Finest Schnapps, delicious and uniquely blended with a fresh and rich peach flavour for a crisp clean taste. Ideal for tall Cocktails...

  • Baileys Original Irish Cream

    Baileys The Original Irish Cream Liqueur 70cl


    Baileys original Irish cream is crafted with care from fresh Irish cream, the finest spirits and Irish whiskey.

  • Bénédictine Dom Liqueur

    Benedictine Dom Liqueur 70 cl


    Created in 1510 by Dom Bernardo Vincelli as a reviving elixir - a Bénédictine monk skilled in the production of herbal remedies who had settled in the monastery at the Normandy port of Fécamp. The...

  • Briottet Menthe Blanche

    Briottet Menthe Blanche 70cl


    Production Established in 1836 by Edmond Briottet and located in Dijon, France, Briottet''s white crème de menthe is flavoured with essential mint oils extracted by distilling fresh mint. Tasting note Very fresh...

  • Caffe' Borghetti Liqueur

    Caffe' Borghetti Liqueur 70cl


    Caffe' Borghetti Liqueur 25% Most popular Italian Liqueur created from Espresso coffee in 1860 by bar owner Ugo Borghetti.  A typical Italian flavour, sweet, soft, aromatic, which arises from a seductive embrace...

  • Cointreau Liqueur

    Cointreau Liqueur 70cl


    Unique orange liqueur produced according to a 150 years old secret recipe. Enjoy with refreshing long drinks, mixed with tonic, lemonade or sparkling water. Most famous for its vital role in the Cosmopolitan...

  • Creme De Framboise Giffard

    Creme De Framboise Giffard 70cl


    Production 100% natural fruit crème made from the maceration of raspberries. Slightly spiced and natural fruit flavour. Strong notes of red fruits such as black currant and redcurrant. The production process is...

  • Amaretto Disaronno

    Disaronno Amaretto 70cl


    The World's Favourite Italian Liqueur. Disaronno, the amber coloured liquer with the incomparable taste, dates back to 1525. The Original Amaretto: right from the start, Disaronno has always been the world's best selling...

  • Drambuie

    Drambuie Liqueur 70cl


    A herbal Scotch whisky-based liqueur, which traces its origins back to Bonnie Prince Charlie. Vintage:NV Bottle:70.00cl ABV:40.00% Country:United...

  •  El Jimador Blanco

    El Jimador Blanco 70cl


    The No.1 selling tequila in Mexico! El Jimador was created in 1994 in tribute to Casa Herradura's jimadors the expert harvesters of the agave, whose job requires great skill identifying when the plant is ready to...

  • Frangelico Liqueur

    Frangelico Liqueur 70cl


    Frangelico is produced in the Piedmont region of northern Italy, and its origins date back more than 300 years of the presence of early Christian monks living in the hills of the area. Their skills in fine food and drink...

  • Giffard Apricot Brandy

    Giffard Apricot Brandy 70cl


    Production This apricot liqueur is made with an infusion of ripe ''Rouge du Roussillon'' apricots by Giffard & Cie, a fourth generation family-owned and run liqueur producer in France''s Loire Valley. The production...

  • Giffard Cherry Brandy Liqueur

    Giffard Cherry Brandy Liqueur 70cl


    Production To make this sweet liqueur, the folks at Giffard harvest griotte cherries and place them in brandy to steep on the same day, capturing as much of the fruit''s character in the drink. Tasting note High quality...

  • Creme De Cacao Brown

    Giffard Creme De Cacao (Brown) Liqueur 70cl


    Production This chocolate flavoured liqueur is made with distillates of cocoa beans by Giffard & Cie, a fourth generation family-owned and run liqueur producer in France''s Loire Valley. The production process is...

  • Giffard Creme De Cassis

    Giffard Creme De Cassis (Blackcurrant) Liqueur 70cl


    Production Liqueur (crème de fruits) made from infusion of blackcurrants, harvested in the Loire Valley and arise from Sustainable Farming. Very concentrated in fruits, rich in infusion, this Double crème...

  • Giffard Creme De Mure

    Giffard Creme De Mure (Blackberry) Liqueur 70cl


    Production The production process is controlled within the company, mixing traditional methods (slow fruit macerations) with the latest techniques, the aim being to give every liqueur the pure taste of the fruit. Tasting...

  • Giffard Creme De Fraises Des Bois

    Giffard Fraises des Bois (Wild Strawberry) Liqueur 70 cl


    Production The tiny wild strawberries bring a typical ''green'' taste to the liqueur whilst the bigger sanga-sangana varietal strawberries which are very sweet and aromatic counter balance this. The production process is...

  • Giffard Pacifico Triple Sec

    Giffard Pacifico Triple Sec 70cl


    Production Liqueur made from sweet and bitter oranges alcoholates and flavors.  Tasting note High quality dry orange liqueur made by the Giffard family, based at Angers in the Loire valley...

  • Giffard Sirop Raspberry

    Giffard Raspberry Syrup 1L


    Production Pure sugar syrup with a good taste of raspberry. No preservatives. Tasting Notes Intense, colourful and highly flavoured. Fine taste of the raspberry...

  • Giffard Sirop De Caramel

    Giffard Sirop De Caramel 1L


    Caramel syrup is a pure sugar syrup made from caramel extract. Enhance the aroma of your coffees and cocktails with an ideal sweet flavor of caramel blended with milk. Uses with: In hot or cold coffees, milks or...


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