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  • 2 Ply White Napkins 40cm x 125

    2 Ply White Napkins 40cm x 125


    2 Ply White Napkins are strong, durable, absorbent and fully recyclable. Measuring 40 cm, suitable for serving with food and drinks and they are ideal for pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes, hotels and special events...

  • 2Ply Blue Centrefeed Rolls 6x130m

    2Ply Blue Centrefeed Rolls 6 x 150m


    2Ply Blue Centrefeed Rolls 6x130m General Purpose Blue Centre Feed Roll. Used in both commercial and domestic kitchens, especially in food preparation areas. It's perfectly for absorbing spillages, cleaning...

  • 2 Ply White Napkins 8Fold

    2Ply White Napkins 8Fold 40cm 20 x 100


    Folded white dinner napkins ready to use. 40cm x 40cm and folded in 8 to provide an ideal ready to use shape for laying tables. Cased in packets and in a box of 2000.

  • Olive Pomace Oil

    Blended Olive Pomace Oil Cooks & Co. 5L
    £9.90 £9.10


    Blended Olive Pomace Oil is an excellent all round frying oil because of its high smoke point, making it ideal for general cooking. Nutritional Information Typical Values Per 100g Energy...

  • White Wine Vinegar

    Bowes Hill White Wine Vinegar 5ltr


    A good vinegar with a clear, rich, bright, distinctive flavour and light delicate taste (no unpleasant sharpness). Delicious in sauces and general cooking. Ideal in with salads, also you can use it in marinades,...

  • Bowes Hill Wildflower Clear Honey

    Bowes Hill Wildflower Clear Honey 3kg
    £13.49 £11.49


    Bowes Hill Wildflower Honey 3kg Suitable for vegetarians.  perfect accompaniment to any breakfast; drizzle over morning goods, on toast and over porridge. it is also great used as a base for marinades and dressings,...

  • Capricorn Extra Strong Bleach 5ltr

    Capricorn Extra Strong Bleach 5ltr


    Perfect for use in toilets, sinks, drains, floors, lavatories and all general disinfecting and cleaning.  Keeps fresh and sweet smelling. Can be effectively utilised to keep surfaces and floors hygienically clean...

  • Catering foil

    Catering Aluminium Foil 50cm x 75m


    Strong and flexible, ideal for wrapping. Allows even cooking with minimal flavour loss.

  • Washing Up Liquid 5ltr

    Catering Washing Up Liquid 5ltr
    £2.38 £2.10


    General purpose detergent for washing up and many general cleaning duties.Contains 0-5% anionic surfactants and0-5% non-ionic surfactants. DIRECTIONS FOR USEIdeal for general cleaning dilute 1 part in 200...

  • Cling Film Large

    Cling Film Large 450 X 300m


    A PVC based film used for wrapping or covering the food to keep it fresh and odourless longer. Perforated sections for ease of use. Saves considerable time. Perfect for busy catering environments.

  • Coca-Cola Cans

    Coca-Cola Cans 24 x 330ml
    £12.49 £11.24


    Coke is a great-tasting, refreshing soft drink that has provided moments of uplift and happiness every day for over 130 years. Natural flavours and no added preservatives since 1886. Gluten free, dairy free, nut free...

  • Coco Vite Liquid Egg White

    Coco Vite Liquid Egg White 1ltr


    Product Advantages:   constant quality  pasteurized (free of salmonella)  natural flavour  easy to store and dose  long shelf life of 8 weeks  re-closable with screw...

  • Liquid Egg Yolk

    Coco Vite Liquid Egg Yolk 1ltr


    Coco Vite is leading manufacturer of egg products. The Coco Vite products guarantee you freshness and the natural taste of eggs whilst upholding the safest and most user friendly standards.  When it comes to eggs,...

  • Colman's English Mustard

    Colman's English Mustard 2L


    Original English mustard Colman's represents both tradition and quality. Making mustard for over 190 years. Nutritional Information Typical Values Per 100g Energy (Kj/Kcal) 810 kJ /200...

  • Colmans Whole Grain Mustard

    Colman's Wholegrain Mustard 2ltr


     Excellent as an ingredient in salad dressings, marinades and sauces.  Nutritional Information Typical Values Per 100g Energy (Kj/Kcal) 640 kJ /155 kcal Fat  7.5...

  • Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice

    Cranberry Juice Ocean Spray 6 x 1L


    PM £1.29 Cranberry antioxidants. 100% RDA vitamin C. Made with North Americans cranberries. Free from artificial colours, flavourings, and sweeteners. It's a taste we love and we know you will love it too. Each glass...

  • De Cecco Egg Pappardelle

    De Cecco Egg Pappardelle (No.101) 250g


    De Cecco only use the very best durum wheat semolina, mixed with cold water from there own spring to ensure excellent taste. De Cecco is Italy's premium quality pasta, produced since 1887. The De Cecco Egg Pappardelle...

  • De Cecco Linguine

    De Cecco Linguine (No.7) 1kg


    De Cecco Linguine No. 7 is a type of pasta wider than spaghetti , about 4 mm, but not as wide as fettucine. Linguine are often served with seafood or pesto. Its tradition is 125 years long keeping the same Italian style...

  • Del Monte Apple Juice

    Del Monte Apple Juice 6 x 1L


    Del Monte Apple Juice is a 100% apple juice, healthy and refreshing. Nutritional Information Per 100ml Adult GDA¹   Energy...

  • Diet Coke

    Diet Coke Cans 24 x 330ml
    £9.99 £9.36


    Diet Coke - The lighter Coke taste. Coke is a great-tasting, refreshing soft drink that has provided moments of uplift and happiness every day for over 130 years. Low in calories with vegetable extracts and sweeteners...


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