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Boiron Frozen Morello Cherry Puree 1kg

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Boiron Morello Cherry Puree


Frozen Boiron Morello Cherry Puree is made from selected Morello Cherry Fruits. Morello cherries are much higher in beta carotene and generally more nutritious than sweet cherries.

The Morello Cherry mush has a combination of strong flavors with a nice balance of cherry sharpness of cherries and sweetness.

Preserving the fresh taste and color of the fruit Morello Cherry puree will promise performance for your different uses.

Storage conditions: Store puree at a temperature of -0.4 F.After defrosting, the product performs as a fresh product.

Keep it at 35.6 F/39.2 F and use it rapidly. Do not refreeze.

Ingredients: Morello Cherry 88%, Inverted Sugar Syrup 12%

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