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Healthy Nuts In Your Diet

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Most people want to lose weight. Do you?

We can help by sharing a secret with you. 

Adding nuts to your diet helps gaining weight, but also helps losing it if eaten wisely. 

When selecting nuts, try to opt for the raw versions only.


Full of zinc, iron and magnesium, can be added in your dishes or eaten raw.

Magnesium can regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates and fat.


High in fibre, potassium, protein. Also, mono saturated fatty acids - which helps controlling the cholesterol

levels. Choosing the shelled ones will take you longer to consume them, which is recommended in our case.


Yes, high in fat and amino acids but having them just before going to gym helps burning more fats and carbs

during exercise.


We recommend eating in SMALL amounts and drink plenty of water. Consumed in large quantities can

(and probably will) lead in gaining weight.

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