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  • Antica Formula Carpano

    Antica Formula Carpano 1ltr
    £23.13 £21.98


    The world's greatest red vermouth, the sublime Antica Formula from Carpano. Antica's big, gutsy, multi-layered flavour means it should be used sparingly in Manhattans and Negronis made with regular spirits, but it's best...

  • Blue Poppy Seeds

    Blue Poppy Seeds 500g
    £5.20 £4.75


    Poppy seed is very hard to grind. If you do not have a special poppy seed grinder, first lightly roast the seeds and use a pestle and mortar. They can be used either whole or crushed in cooking and bakery. When using them...

  • Callebaut Fine Hazelnut Praline

    Callebaut Fine Hazelnut Praline 1kg
    £13.90 £12.60


    Callebaut Fine Hazelnut Praline is made from high quality medium roasted and caramelised hazelnuts.The Hazelnut puree is ideal for making truffles or for flavouring chocolate and comes in a reseable pack...

  • Chartreuse Green Liqueur

    Chartreuse Green 70cl
    £29.33 £25.67


    The original liqueur formulated by Brother Antoine from the ''elixir'' (Chartreuse Elixir Végétal). The strong and distinctive flavour, coupled with its 55% abv strength make this a challenging but rewarding...

  • Cockburn's Fine Tawny Port

    Cockburn's Fine Tawny Port 75cl
    £10.19 £9.69


    Fine Tawny Port Cockburn's Fine Tawny is an elegant Port with mellow and spicy flavours. Perfect at the end of a fine dinner or simply to enjoy with friends. Cockburn's, one of the greatest names in Port, led the development...

  • Pear dried 1kg

    Dried Pear Pieces 1kg


    Natural ingredient, nutritious and healthy. Great as snack or cooking ingredient. Perfect with cereals and yogurt.

  • Peri-Peri Powder

    Dunns River Peri Peri Chicken Fry Mix 6x300g
    £12.99 £11.59


    Dunn's River spice mixes and coatings use only the finest quality ingredients, specially selected and blended, to deliver delicious, authentic taste to your table! Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, Breadcrumbs (WHEAT FLOUR, Yeast,...

  • Grace Aloe Vera Original

    Grace Aloe Vera Original 12 x 500ml
    £10.50 £9.98


      Aloe vera juice with antioxidant vitamin C and calcium. No preservatives or artificial coloring, refresh original, flavor aloe vera drink. Good influence at immune system function it helps in...

  • Grey Goose Citrus

    Grey Goose Citrus 70cl
    £30.96 £29.42


    Production This wheat spirit is cut with spring water naturally filtered through limestone from an exclusive well in Gensac-La-Pallue in the Cognac region. Great care is taken during production to ensure the quality of the...

  • Marmite Love Portion

    Marmite Love Portions 24x8g
    £6.90 £6.20


    Lots of loveable little Marmite love portions 100% Vegetarian Yeast Extract. Ingredients Yeast Extract (contains Barley), Salt, Vegetable Juice Concentrate, Vitamins (Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B12 and...

  • Panko Crumbs

    Panko crumbs 10kg
    £30.42 £29.25


    These are used for breading foods, topping casseroles, stuffing poultry, thickening stews, and adding inexpensive bulk to meatloaves, hamburgers, and fish cakes. Dry breadcrumbs are made from very dry bread, and make for a...

  • Pepper Sachet

    Pepper Sachet x2000
    £11.99 £10.99


    These small pepper sachets are perfect for use in all self-service applications. Despatched in bags of 2000 sachets to cut down on packaging and price.

  • Ron Aguere Caramelo 70cl

    Ron Aguere Caramelo 70cl
    £21.73 £20.65


    This fine liqueur is made from rum and caramel toffee. This blend is ideal to enjoy a different drink, keeping the flavour of a good Canary Island rum with a slight caramel touch. Serve very cold.

  • Salt Sachet

    Salt Sachet x2000
    £5.99 £5.29


    These small salt sachets are perfect for use in all self-service applications. Despatched in bags of 2000 sachets to cut down on packaging and price.

  • Fajita Seasoning

    Schwartz Fajita Seasoning 530g
    £7.13 £4.35


    One of the best mixes of spices on the market. Try Fajita Seasoning to your meals and you can enjoy the true and authentic Mexican flavor. Fajita seasoning is a Mexican style blend with ground coriander, lemon and...


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